Chromebook Pixel unboxing


The Chromebook Pixel is by far the best Chrome OS device ever built. Also, the most expensive, making me believe I would never own it. Google IO was a blessing, though, where we all got a free Pixel to take home! Needless to say I am excited and wanted to share the joy with all of you. If you are interested in seeing what comes in the Chromebook Pixel box, come join me by watching the video embedded below.

The box and its contents are very minimalistic and simple. All you get is the Chromebook Pixel surrounded by its plastic wrapping, the charger and a bit of your typical literature. Once the fun starts and you get that annoying plastic away from the Pixel, you can realize how amazing this computer is. Aesthetics and build quality matter, and I have tip my hat at Google for this one. The Pixel is beautifully designed with a solidly-built unibody.

chromebook-pixel-5It is not the lightest laptop, but definitely lighter than it looks. The keyboard and touchpad are awesome (they resemble Apple’s, which is not a bad thing at all). Of course, back-lit keys are a very welcome addition. All in all, this bad boy looks and feels like a top-notch computer.

As you can expect, the screen is stunning. The resolution is amazing at 2560 by 1700 pixels, while brightness and color accuracy are also stunning.

I can go on and on, but what really makes a good product is its content, right? The ultimate question is – is the Chromebook Pixel worth its $1299 starting price? Stay tuned to find out the answer in our full review.