Chromebook Pixel now available from Amazon… shipping internationally!


The Chromebook Pixel is the hottest of the hottest among Chromebooks right now. In build quality and design, it may even beat some of the best laptops out there. It is expensive, but we know at least some of you will be willing to pay the $1300 price Google is asking. There is a problem, though – availability is very limited and most countries don’t have access to the Pixel.

If you have the money sitting around and really want a Chromebook Pixel, it is now available from Amazon and it’s shipping internationally! The seller is not doing it for cheap, though. Asking price stands at $1,549. Seems quite pricey even if the shipping costs are included.

So there you go, guys. Do you want to enjoy the best screen a laptop has ever seen (as many claim)? Get your money and get one of these. And hurry up, because there are only 3 available as of now! Maybe the seller will get more soon.

[via Chromebook]