Chromebook make the best kiosk computers for businesses

Chromebooks are not only good for personal use. Business owners can take advantage of the affordable, web-based laptops to allow their customers and employees to access information and interact with the business. Kiosk mode makes this possible by providing a shareable and secure platform.


Because Chrome OS computers are easy to manage, affordable and secure, they make the best option for kiosk functionality. They need almost no maintenance and cost less than a full OS computer. There is no reason for a business not to use them.

Have you ever applied for a job at a store computer? Looked at a store or library’s inventory? These are only a couple of examples where a Chromebook could provide a more efficient and convenient kiosk computer compared to other platforms.

Account managers are able to manage the whole operation of the computer. From blocking websites to setting timed-out sessions, the Chromebook will definitely have your back. I personally can’t wait to see more Chromebooks at stores and public buildings. The platform is perfect for such purposes and I honestly don’t feel like CRT monitors and old Windows computers deserve to represent a reputable business.