Chromebook camera app being updated with new design, sharing features

We tend not to use our Chromebook webcams much. We don’t have access to as many video chat clients and other programs on Chrome OS, but we do have a camera app that can be nice for nice and spontaneous photos. The Chromium team has been working on improving said Chrome OS camera app. It is almost ready and will be rolling out to Chrome OS laptops “over the next week or so.”


At least that is what our friend François Beaufort is promising. We can trust him as he is now a Googler, but that is not the most important part of the update. It’s much more exciting to see what else the app will be getting, which includes the following.

Camera app upcoming features

  • Video recording
  • Upload to Youtube and Google+
  • Pictures synced across all your Chrome Devices

I am especially excited to see sharing and sync features coming. For a cloud-based operating system, Chrome OS still needs some work with syncing local files. Hopefully this is the first of many improvements to come.

Of course, there is an improved UI with better filter demos, but all of that is really just noise to me. Don’t get me wrong, I like to have fun with those features too. I just don’t think they are what’s important about this update.