Chrome Web Store Updated with New Filter Options

About a month ago, Google saw fit to update the Chome Web Store to make it a little more modern. The current design fits in well with the overall redesign going on with other Google products, but the search options left something to be desired. Today, Google has released an update to the Chrome Web Store that allows you to sort apps according to their ratings, how many downloads they’ve had, and whether or not Google recommends the app or extension.

This sorting process really helps to sort the gold from the dreg, though the plain text search feature still needs some work. A search for the world ‘Gmail’ should not return Angry Birds as the top result, ever. Google seems to understand that the search within the Web Store is less than ideal, since it added a related apps feature that will show you similar apps to the one you’re currently viewing. For example, if you’re viewing the Picnik image editing app, you might see Aviary and Zumo’s image editing apps show up as well. Taking a cue from the Android Marketplace, you can also search for related apps from the same developer.

[via Chrome Blog]