Chrome Web Lab: A Museum Without Boundaries

The web has broken all borders and boundaries that once divided us. Truly, we would have no era of communications without it, and it has taken work, education and entertainment to levels our ancestors would never imagine. Chrome happens to be a major contributor to such life changing opportunities, but we rarely stop and think about how many doors the internet opens. This is why Google Chrome and the Science Museum of London launched Web Lab, a museum like no other.

Chrome Web Lab is an interactive museum located in London, but its doors are open for free to anyone with a browser. The exhibition features 5 installments: Universal Orchestra, Data Tracer, Sketchbots, Teleporter and Lab Tag Explorer. These serve as portals to museum and online visitors across the world. Regardless of your location, you can participate by creating music with others (which is also played by physical robots in the museum), having your picture sketched by one of the on-site robots, watch live feed of museum locations and more.

The world has never been more connected, and this is simply a demonstration of what we can do together thanks to the web. It is not an overstatement to say that it allows us to change the world regardless of where you are.

Go to to join the fun with thousands of others, or head over to the London Museum of Science if you have the chance to. I have spent my fair share of time with this fascinating beta project and must say it is worth the “trip.”

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