Chrome Speech-To-Text Illustrates One Advantage Of Ice Cream

So we’ve been hearing a lot about Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream from an Android and GoogleTV standpoint. Gingerbread was built for phones, Honeycomb was built for tablets and Ice Cream would reportedly merge the two into one single OS. The latest rumors suggest Ice Cream will not only merge the code base for these two but ALSO Google TV… could Chrome be next?

It’s possible and Google’s announcement of adding Speech-To-Text functionality within Chrome illustrates an example of why it would help. Instead of having to update Android for Phones, Android for Tablets, Android for TV and Chrome to include something like voice-to-text, Google would only be updating ONE piece of source code that would enable ALL of the devices using this code base.

I’m explaining this much more simply than is actually the case – Chrome is a different beast altogether. Or is it? Google TV also leverages Google Chrome and if THAT is getting merged into the same source code could Chrome see the same fate?

I wouldn’t so much call it “fate”. Sure, GTV is getting merged into Ice Cream but GTV will remain its own product just as Chrome would remain its own product. I’m shooting from the hip here, this is all just speculating and discussing the possibilities, mainly because it interests me pretty intensely.

At the most basic level you’ll be happy to know Chrome can now do speech to text. If you want to go even deeper, remember how we were talking about Google leveraging Chrome to affect the overall direction of the web via “standards“? Well how about that good old HTML Speech Incubator Group.