Chrome richer notifications now available for Windows, Mac coming soon


Chrome’s richer notifications have been available to beta users for a while, but it is now available to a much larger demographic. Google has updated Chrome for Windows stable release to support the convenient richer notifications. With Mac coming soon, all users will soon be able to enjoy the new features.

rich-notificationIf you haven’t seen or used Chrome’s richer notifications you are in for a treat. The new notifications allow websites to interact with users and offer more information straight from the pop-up notification window.

Actions like replying to an email or setting a reminder on an event become a breeze. And soon all the social networks will start taking advantage of richer notifications, making the social experience much more enjoyable.

Windows users can now update or download Chrome to enjoy richer notifications. If you use a Mac computer, you can either wait a bit or download Chrome Beta to check these out.