Chrome OS tablet: ipad killer or bad idea?

Rumor has it, the long awaited Chrome OS tablet will be launched on November 26th, in time for the big shopping season. But will this be the big iPad killer, or just a really bad idea?

A Chrome OS tablet sounds like a good idea, especially with the high specs we’ve heard about so far: which would include a 1280x 720 multitouch dislay, 2GB of RAM, a minimum 32 GB solid state hard drive, WiFi/Bluetooth/LTE connectivity, GPS, webcam, and expandable storage via a multi-card reader.

Even better, it’s supposed to be much cheaper than the iPad, as Verizon will apparently be strongly subsidizing the tablet in order to make it a lot cheaper than Apple’s iPad.
However, is Chrome OS the right os to go for? Or should Google go for it’s Android system?

Chrome OS is a browser-based operating system that stores all of a computer user’s applications and data online, which is may be a bit too fanciful for today’s mobile-Internet reality because it isn’t always as reliable as you’d like it to be, nor stable enough to be able to use all it’s attributes.