Chrome OS tablet due in November?

Finally, there’s a (rumored) concrete date, that Google is launching its Chrome OS tablet on Verizon on November 26th.

Google hasn’t made any official statements, but according to the Downloadsquad, the tablet will launch on Verizon and sales might commence as early as November 26th. In the US this is Black Friday, the most important shopping day of the year.
Since January, persistant rumors have been circling that HTC and Google working on tablet hardware and now there seems to be a firm date.

I’d be interested to know how much this puppy will cost. So far, all we know is that it’ll be cheaper than the iPad (duh) along with a Verizon subscription. Funnily enough, there are a few Android tablets due to be released there as well, so Google’s major competition might be… Google!
Still, can’t hardly wait!