Chrome OS getting an on-screen keyboard?


Many of our readers have expressed their desires for a Chrome OS tablet. The idea seems a bit off, but we have already moved to touchscreen Chromebooks with the Pixel, who is to say the next step isn’t a Chrome OS tablet? If you are hoping this will happen, today’s news will be the highlight of your day – it seems Google is currently working on making an on-screen keyboard for Chrome OS.

This would allow users to type and use the web without the need of a physical keyboard, allowing the platform to jump into the tablet space. The keyboard would “float” on your screen, which means it will work much like those early virtual keyboards for Windows touch-screen computers. One was able to move them around and resize them, making for a more flexible experience.

We have no idea when/if this on-screen keyboard will reach Chrome OS, but we are definitely expecting. There are already some apps that do this in the Chrome Web Store, but a native solution would be best for Google to move into the ultimate touchscreen experience.

What do you guys say? Would you get a Chrome OS tablet if all of this becomes a reality?

[Source: Chromium Via: Craig Tumblison]