Chrome OS file manager could soon support third-party cloud services like Dropbox


Chrome OS’ strengths and weaknesses both lie on the fact that it operates from “the cloud” (internet). The device is already limited and having more limitations applied is simply not good. A Chromium team member understands this and has filed a request for Chrome OS to support cloud services other than Google Drive.

“The basic idea is to allow an extension behave as a ‘drive’ in the file manager app in ChromeOS.
Currently the file manager has “Downloads” and “Drive” in the left column, and additional USB flash drives and temporary zip archives will appear. The extension will appear here and provide the list of files through the new API.”

If implemented, this feature would allow cloud services to appear as options on the left sidebar of the Files window. This is very similar to current Desktop file explorers, which display a main folder for cloud services.

It would look something like this:


We would say this idea is not only neat, but it is necessary for a cloud-based operating system. We are not sure if the request will be accepted. After all, Google is the boss and they want people to use Google Drive. If you want to show your support, though, go and star this entry!

[Source: Google Chromium Code Via: OMG Chrome]