Chrome OS continues to grow – 7 times bigger than last year

Not many of us will walk into a friend’s house and see a Chromebook laying around. These web-based computers are simply not that popular yet, but things have been improving since last year. Chromebooks have become insanely affordable, have been receiving massive amounts of advertising and Samsung’s $250 device became the #1 Amazon top-selling laptop of the year (above all other computers and operating systems). Now we have a report stating Chrome OS browsing numbers have raised by 700% since last year.

Chrome OS

The source is popular online advertising network Chitika. The stats were pulled from “hundreds of millions of online ad impressions within the Chitika Ad Network from January 12th through January 18th, 2013.” By no means is this an unreliable source and it is great to see how much Chrome OS has grown lately.

Compared to the Wii and PlayStation, Chrome OS is not doing that bad in web traffic. PlayStation far outlives Chrome OS and its traffic numbers are only 15% higher, while they tripled Chrome OS during June, 2012. Of course, Chrome OS is still young and we have yet to see if the US is ready to operate in the cloud. After all, 0.07% of US web traffic is not much, but we sure are moving forward.


Google could have really improved these numbers with an affordable official Chromebook. Instead, we have a $1,300 Chromebook Pixel very few people will buy. Unlike Chitika, we believe the Chromebook Pixel’s price point may be hurting Chrome OS more than it is helping.

[Source: Chitika]