Can you pass the Chrome OS code name challenge?


So you think you know your Chromebook code names? Googler François Beaufort is a huge fan of these code names and he has created an awesome game. If you are up to the challenge, Chrome OS code name challenge pretty much tests your knowledge in code names in a very fun and simple way.

The game simply shows you a series of cards that have a code name written in them. After flipping them, they display which Chrome OS device belongs to that code name. You will be asked which code name belongs to certain Chromebooks.

There are 17 questions for 17 devices. After you complete them, it will tell you how many mistakes it took you to complete the challenge. It’s simple and fun, especially with the sounds the game makes! In a way, it doubles as a study guide (for those who want to learn all the code names).

You can go ahead and Play Beaufort’s game here. I passed the challenge with 28 mistakes. How many mistakes did you make?