Chrome OS doubles web traffic share in 5 months, but there is still a long road ahead


There seems to be an interesting phenomena going on with Chrome OS market and web traffic share. According to recent studies, Google doubled its internet traffic share since last September. That is definitely great news, but Chromebooks seem to only make up for 0.2% of the USA’s internet traffic, according to Chitika’s studies.

That is simply a ridiculous number – way too low. It seems a bit odd considering Chromebooks now make for about 21% of all computer sales in 2013. Chromebooks are becoming very popular for casual computing, but it seems everyone is buying these laptops and not using them much.

Not to mention… Chromebooks are pretty much a glorified browser. People are only using the web with them. Chromebooks are pretty much a glorified browser! What is the problem here?


We are asking ourselves what the problem could be. How could Chrome OS only account for 0.2% of USA web traffic? This could be due to the fact that a lot of people are still using computers from before 2013. Or maybe people who purchase these don’t use them as much?

I mean, the number is much lower than Linux. Linux has a very strong community, but I would have assumed Chromebooks are more popular at this point. It’s hard to find Linux-based computers at any store, and the “general consumer” won’t often go out of his way to install it.

Regardless of what’s going on with these numbers, a 100% increase in web traffic continues to be a great accomplishment. Let’s hope the trend continues!