Chrome OS 28 released – here are the improvements!


Chrome OS has received update version 28, aligning the internet-based OS with Chrome for mobile and for desktop. The update brings forth some of the same improvements we have seen on Chrome 28, but Chrome OS gets a few extra treats! Let’s jump in and see what your next update has for you.

Chrome OS monitor rotation and scaling

Chrome OS users are now able to scale and rotate their monitors. We are not sure many of you will use it, but it could be helpful if you use a monitor in vertical mode. I have tested the features and they work quite well! I can manually rotate the image 360 degrees.

New Chrome OS file manager

This will probably be the improvement you will notice the most. The file manager has been revamped with a new panel UI, allowing us to browse our files more easily. The update also brings support for Google Drive files in the “Shared with me” and “Recent” sections.

Screenshot 2013-07-11 at 3.10.05 PM

Chrome OS links highlight when touched

Using a touch screen on a laptop-optimized browser can be a bit hard. The text, links and buttons tend to be too small and you may end up “clicking” links you didn’t intend to.

Chrome 28 helps solve this issue by highlighting any links you touch. You can simply drag your finger away if you notice yourself tapping the wrong link. If you press and hold for long enough, the “right-click” menu will show up.

Screenshot 2013-07-11 at 3.24.10 PM

Of course, this only works with Chrome OS devices with a touchscreen. So… only the Chromebook Pixel.

Chrome OS screenshot pop-up notifications

Aside from the richer notification improvements, Chrome OS 28 also adds notifications for screenshots. Simply take a screenshot and the notification will pop up. You can also click anywhere on the notification to access the photo of the screenshot taken.

Screenshot 2013-07-11 at 3.22.09 PM

Other Chrome OS 28 improvements

Other improvements include your usual bug fixes, performance improvements and internal polishing. In addition, Chrome 28 replaces WebKit with the new Blink rendering engine, making it a much faster OS. There are also foreign language improvements and an updated Chrome Office Viewer.

Issues with Chrome OS 28

We simply can’t have all glory and no pain, right? Such is the case with the Chrome OS 28, which seems to have stripped the Acer C7 of docked mode when connected to an external monitor. Sad to hear, but we are hoping Google will get this fixed soon.


I am loving the update and my Chromebook is more awesome than ever! I am also glad I got the update this quick, unlike version 27. Have you gotten your update yet? Let us know how you are liking it!