What Chrome news will we see at Google IO?


Google IO is right around the corner. The Search Giant’s yearly developer conference is where Google announces some of its best products and services, making it one of the most anticipated events of the year. Of course, Chrome is usually a big topic of conversation during this event, so let’s jump into the latest rumors and see what we can expect!

Google Babel (Hangouts)

Google Babel is rumored to be a unified messaging service, merging tools like Gmail, Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and Google Voice. These services all offer different features, leaving us wanting more from each one of them. So it should be nice to have them become one.

Previously known as Google Babel, the service has recently been rumored under the name of Google Hangouts. We are almost sure we will hear something about Google Hangouts at I/O. Rumors have been plentiful and it seems like Google is getting ready to show us some goodies.

Chrome OS tablet?

Rumors of a Chrome OS tablet have been around for quite a long time. Now that the Chromebook Pixel has introduced touch controls, this is becoming much more possible. More recently, Chrome actually got updated with an on-screen keyboard. Does this mean that we could see a Chrome OS tablet at Google IO this year? We doubt it, because the project seems to be in very early stages. Who knows, though! I believe there will be one (or more) at least by the end of this year.


Chromebooks from Acer and ASUS

Acer and ASUS are rumored to release a new generation of Chromebooks during the second half of 2013. Google is setting a new standard with the Chromebook Pixel, so we are expecting these to at least have a touchscreen. These shouldn’t be ready for prime time yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Google gave us a peek at what is to come!

Google Now, everywhere

Google Now used to be exclusive to Android, but recent rumors state that it is spreading across different platforms and devices. In fact, iOS got Google Now last week. You can check out our hands-on review and learn more details about it. Other rumors indicate that Google Now could also be coming to Google’s homepage, meaning any computer with a browser would be able to take advantage of Google’s awesome cards.

Of course, Chrome OS is also rumored to get Google Now at some point in the future. These are all rumors, though, and we are not sure when/if other devices will get Google Now. We believe there is a slight chance that we will see something regarding this at I/O, though.

Google IO attendees will probably get a Chromebook Pixel

We are almost sure Google IO attendees will get a Chromebook Pixel to take home. These are definitely not flying off the shelves and it is by far the best Chromebook around. It is literally Chrome OS’ flagship device, showing the world that a Chromebook doesn’t need to be a low-quality, affordable computer. You guys are lucky!



We probably won’t see much Chrome-related news at Google IO. Most of Google’s events focus mostly on Android, but we can expect at least a couple of the above rumors being announced. I am sure we will hear about Google Hangouts and Google Now. We might see a device, but there isn’t enough evidence to make us hold our breath on it.

We will be in San Francisco next week covering all there is to see from Google IO, so stay tuned! Which of these possible announcements do you think we are most likely to see?