Chrome Netbooks Still On Track For 2010

Things have been rather quiet on the Chrome front lately… but maybe the “front” is the deceiving part. Behind the scenes it seems like Chrome – and Chrome OS – are picking up steam in hopes of making a splash. We saw the launch of Sony Internet TV last night which features Chrome guts including features like the Omnibox, but amidst the hype of the iPad and tablets has everyone forgotten about Chrome OS and the Chrome Netbooks?

Maybe you have… but Google hasn’t. I reached out to Google’s Press people in hopes that Chrome OS and the Chrome Netbooks promised for later this year weren’t fading away like Google Wave or becoming the anti-hype like Google Buzz. Here is a small portion of the response I got:

In terms of Google Chrome OS schedule, we are very happy with the progress of Chrome OS and expect devices will be available later this year. We’ll have more details to share at launch.

We’re midway through October but you can expect at least a few big product announcements before the holiday season is over… including the launch of the first Chrome Netbooks.