Chrome for iOS update: iOS 7 improvements, deeper Google apps integration and better voice search

Today is big for Apple users. iOS 7 is set for release and many apps are getting updates to make them compatible with the new software. Among those is our beloved Google Chrome browser for iOS. Today’s update brings forth some great aesthetic improvements, as well as deeper Google Apps integration and voice recognition (for searching).


There will be multiple design improvements for iOS 7. Google mentions that the iPad fullscreen experience is awesome, so I will be checking that one out soon. Let’s focus more on functionality, though!

Better Google Apps integration


The new Chrome update makes it much easier for Google addicts to use their Google Apps on iOS devices. For starters, you can now log into your Google Apps by using Chrome’s Google accounts. Just open your other Google Apps and tap on the account you want to use. We have had this available on Android for a while and I love it. I hate having to re-write user names and passwords all the time.

In addition, Chrome can now use your Google Apps to open links from any website. You can go into the settings and choose which Google Apps you want Chrome to use and which not. It’s rather simple, and a great solution for Google lovers who also love Apple devices.

Improved voice recognition for fluid Voice Search

Voice Search has been greatly improved for Chrome for iOS, turning the experience into a much smoother and conversational one. One can now ask questions related to the first. For example, one can say “Who is the president of the United States?”, then follow with “how old is he?”. This would make it more natural than having to be so specific every single time.

Go get it!

You can now download or update the new Chrome for iOS application straight from the Apple App Store. I will be doing the same, so let’s go play around with the new features and design!