Chrome introduces tab syncing across devices – It is Chrome to Phone on steroids

Ever had to leave the house and wanted to continue viewing a website? Chrome to Phone has done a great job at letting us do that conveniently, without having to search for something all over. Google is always looking for better ways to use the internet, though, and today it has introduced a great new feature. It allows you to sync your tabs across all devices using Chrome (like phones, tablets and other computers).

This feature has been available in beta, and we have to say it is a life-saver. When one is signed in to Chrome, all devices’ Chrome browsers will stay synced. By simply clicking the “Other Devices” button on the bottom-right corner of a new tab, one can see all the opened tabs from other devices and easily access them.

I recently wrote about the convenience of syncing your game progress among all devices and platforms. This feature is the perfect example of such experience. Not only does Chrome sync tabs, but it also keeps all your apps, bookmarks, extensions, settings and other features uniform. No matter what computer or Chrome-enabled mobile device you use, your browser will be just the way you left it last time it was used.

This stable version will be rolled out in the coming days, but we will have to wait a bit more for the tab sync feature. According to Google, this one will be hitting our browsers “over the coming weeks.” I will surely be waiting for it. Will you?

[Source: Google Chrome Blog]