Chrome Frame being retired


Chrome Frame was released back in 2009 for developers that wanted their apps to take advantage of new technologies that weren’t popular then. Internet Explorer was the most used browser but it wasn’t optimized to run the modern engine technology Chrome offered.

Google Chrome is now the most popular browser and other browsers have also evolved, so Google has decided to retire Chrome Frame. The internet tool will lose support and updates this coming January (2014).

We are usually saddened to see Google axing unpopular products (like Google Reader), but this retirement is actually something to be happy about. No one is using Chrome Frame anymore, proving that Google’s vision was correct and the web has come a long way.

A quick look at the games and features Google has recently released will show you how powerful a browser can be. The web is no usual tool and can be used even for video editing. We can see the web continue to grow as a platform and operating systems like Chrome OS growing even more in the future.

People can upgrade their browsers by then. We doubt many of you are still running old IE browser versions, so this shouldn’t be a problem for many of you. With that, let’s wait and see how much Chrome and the web evolve. Long live the internet!