Chrome for iOS: improved browsing, simplified sharing and quick sharing

Chrome for Android and iOS were recently updated to version 25. This came with improved performance and some extra background improvements, but iOS users are seeing a bit more than that. In fact, iPhone and iPad users are getting some pretty awesome features.

Further improving the flow of Google’s popular browser, Chrome for mobile will no longer feature both the omnibox and the search bar. Instead, the search bar will be replaced by the omnibar, making the results much more visible and the interface cleaner.


In addition, iOS users will be able to access previously visited sites within a tab when pressing and holding the back button. And as a cherry on top, it is now easier to share websites via mail, social networks and text messages by simply hitting Menu>Share.

It is nice to see Chrome continue to be improved, as mobile browsing continues to evolve and become more ubiquitous. These improvements might not be displaying in your devices just yet. According to Google, these will start rolling out within the coming weeks. Let’s just hope Android users get them soon afterwards.

[Via: Google Chrome Blog]