New Chrome for Android update brings full-screen browsing


Chrome for Android users just got a very neat update to version 27. It comes with multiple improvements, but our favorite is the ability to browse full-screen. We have been able to do this after some tweaking in the past, and more recently it was released for Chrome Beta users. Now everyone can enjoy it!

Full-screen browsing on Chrome for Android

It is especially nice to see this feature coming to mobile devices. Screen space is precious on a smartphone. Even if you have a huge device (like the Galaxy Note 2), smartphone screens are not sized for web browsing. Any space we can save is valuable. From now on, you can simply scroll down and the status bar will disappear.

I recorded a how-to video for those who wanted to use full-screen mode when it wasn’t available. You can check it out below to see how full-screen browsing looks (skip to minute 2:30 to skip the procedure).

Other Chrome for Android improvements

The update also brings “Simpler Searching”, which keeps your search query in the omnibox instead of a separate search bar. You can now also long-press the browser back button to access your tab history. Furthermore, client-side certificate support and performance improvements are also included.

Wrap up

You can go ahead and get your update straight from the Google Play Store, so go enjoy your extra browsing space!