Chrome for Android soon to come out of beta

After many requests, desperate cries and prayers, Google finally decided to release Chrome for Android. Users have been loving the Search Giant’s browser on their mobile devices since then. The product is still in beta, though, and recent reports are stating that the testing period will be over soon.

Senior VP of Chrome and Apps Sunday Pichai stated that Chrome for Android should be ready “in a matter of weeks.” This was soon after the beta 2 release of the app, which allows users to view sites in desktop mode and add bookmarks to their home screens.

“Mainly right now, I’m driven by bug quality and stability. We are triaging, tracking, and trying to make it very stable. It is in a matter of weeks.” – Sunday Pichai

The stable version should be ready well before Google I/O, so we might hear some even better news by then. Chrome for Android currently has a very small reach, as it is only available for Android 4.0+ users. The latest distribution chart shows that less than 5% of Android users have the latest software version.

It is still unknown if said exclusivity will continue after the beta moniker is thrown away, but it would be nice to see it being available for more versions of Android. Maybe even more mobile operating systems (we do know the Windows 8 version is in the works). Do you think we might see Chrome coming to more mobile device in the near future?

Chrome for Android Beta (Google Play Store)

[Source: CNET Via: Phandroid]