Chrome Extends Additional Protection Against Malicious Sites and Downloads

The internet is serious business. Unfortunately, much of that serious business is done by seriously bad people. Whether they’re undermining your browsing habits to show you spam ads, or attempting to force downloads that will install spyware to steal your passwords and adware to ruin your browsing experience, sheisters are all over the place trying to screw you over.

Lucky for us, Google wants to protect us. They’ve created something called the Safe Browsing API which keeps a list of bad sites and puts them on a “blacklist” of sorts. Not only does Google use this for Chrome, but Google allows other sites and companies to use this blacklist for their own good- that’s what APIs are all about.

Previously, Chrome would warn you about visiting a malicious SITE and ask if you really want to continue and view it. Taking that one step further, Google has now implemented an update that will warn you when you’re about to download a malicious file. Don’t forget, a site that isn’t on the “bad list” could point to file/download from another site, thereby screwing you over. But not if Google has anything to say about it.

Happy browsing and safe travels!