Chrome games Roll It and Racer now available for play time

Remember those games we saw at Google IO? Yes, I am talking about the skeeball and racing games that worked with Chrome browsers across multiple devices. These games allowed users to use smartphones, tablets and laptops, as long as they were all using Chrome. Google has now made these Chrome Experiments available and you can check them out right now!

Roll It Chrome Experiment

Roll It takes us back to our memories at Chuck E Cheese’s by allowing us to play skeeball with our smartphone and any other larger screen using Chrome. It is pretty simple to get your game on. Simply go to and follow the instructions, which are not complicated. You just need to open the browser on your secondary device and link it to your main screen. I tested it for a couple minutes and it works great!

Racer Chrome Experiment

Now Racer, racer takes us back to those Christmas mornings when we used to play with our brand new slot-car-style race tracks. You can link multiple devices together and form a race track across all of them. Link the devices together and then simply race with your friends, all using your own devices. You can check it out at

Wrap Up

These games are very fun, but more important is what they represent. These games run completely online, no need for apps or extra hardware. All you need is a Chrome browser and that speaks volumes. Imagine what the future of Chrome gaming will be like. At some point, Chromebooks might even be able to run games that currently only work with expensive consoles. Now if you’ll excuse me while I test these new Chrome Experiments.