Chrome experiment: Cube Slam let’s you play against your friends while you see them

Imagine mixing the classic game Brick Breaker and soccer. That is kind of what you get with the new game Cube Slam for Chrome. The new Chrome Experiments allows users to play and see each other regardless of where they are on the globe.

One can simply share a link with a friend and the game is on. There is no need to download any extra plugins and the game runs on WebRTC, which makes seamless video chatting possible.


The goal of the game is simply to get the cube past your opponent’s bar, pretty much slamming it against his/her face (hence the name Cube Slam). You can talk and have fun with each other while you play, making it a fun yet casual experience.

You can check it out by going to You can take things a step further and download the Chrome app if you want, though. This will allow you to play on your own while offline (single-player mode is also available in the online version).

Have fun!