It’s always great to see how a communicate of fanatical users can make or break a product. With Google Chrome this is no different. And it seems to work nicely; the themes section of the forum is growing so fast we decided to create a  seperate blog page for it to give the artists more attention from guest users.

For Chrome and soon  Chrome OS, these are interesting times. The early years are ofcourse the most important for these kind of products and so 2009-2012 will be crucial for adaption. And we’ll be there all the way, hacking and tweaking the browser to find out stuff we can change, alter, improve or generally adapt to our own wishes.

With the new blog, Twitter account and more aggressive marketing, we are stepping up to make this site the most interesting venue for Chrome (OS) users on earth, with the most themes, plugins, extensions and general help from the forum members. We’ll continue to stimulate this and build this up.

For now, check out the new theme page on this blog and the sign up for the forum if you didn’t already; it’s free and it’s a wonderful community!