Chrome Beta now appears as a search result in the Google Play Store


Chrome Beta is the go-to-browser for Chromies who like to test all the new features, but Google made it a little difficult for Android users to find the mobile version in the Play Store. The app was hidden from Play Store search results but it seems Google is now ready to offer Chrome Beta to a wider audience.

Google never let us know why they decided to hide Chrome Beta, but we are willing to bet they just don’t want users to accidentally install the Beta version only to find more issues and bugs. It wouldn’t look good for Chrome if an average consumer keeps having problems with Chrome Beta. They figure if you are one to experiment, you will go a bit out of your way to find Chrome Beta.

Usually this was done by searching Google, which was a bit of a hassle. You can now be sure it will take a simple Google Play Store search to find the experimental Chrome Beta browser for your mobile device. I, for one, am glad to see this change taking place.

I switch devices often and it is an annoyance to be forced to go out of your way just to download Chrome Beta every single time I get a new smartphone or tablet. Like I said, it’s a slight annoyance, but setting up a new device is a hassle as it is. We don’t need added complications, right?

Thanks for the tip, Peter!