Chrome Beta for Android updated with plethora of fixes


Chrome Beta for Android has just received an update. While it doesn’t bring any new or exciting features, it will get rid of some user headaches. The update consists of a series of bug fixes, mostly vide-related.

This release contains a few new fixes including:

  • 177258 – Video Controls disappear for small screen embedded videos
  • 222711: Poor scrolling performance in
  • 189938 – ‘BEST OF YOUTUBE’ videos text for all categories chopped off
  • Fixes for top crashes

If you are not familiar with Chrome Beta, it is Google’s test version of the popular browser. Chrome Beta users will get all the new features and enhancements before the official build sees them, but this is at the expense of more frequent problems and bugs. This is why it is important for Google to keep updating the app with such improvements as the ones above.

Chrome Beta is not a consumer version, it should not be used if you need a completely reliable browser. If you can handle a bug and crash here and there, though, it is always nice to enjoy new features before everyone else. Plus, there is no better way to improve Chrome than using the Beta version and reporting all issues.

In fact, this update itself doesn’t come without its known imperfections. Apparently Huawei tablets are being reported to get a black screen on load after this update. Google should be working on a fix, though, so expect another update soon. Until then, you can check out Chrome Beta for Android (at your own risk) by going to the Google Play Store and downloading/updating the app.

[Source: Google Via: Phandroid]