Chrome Beta for Android now supports color Emojis


I often realize how much people love cute icons. I rarely use them myself, but my friends are all over those whenever they are available. If you are a fun of all those cute icons, you will know the most popular type are Emojis. If you are a fan of these, you will be happy to learn Chrome Beta for Android now supports color Emojis.

You can check out all these color Emojis at Wikipedia’s Emoji site. You won’t be able to see them if your browser doesn’t already support Emojis, though. Like I mentioned above, these emoticons are very popular, but not supported by every platform quite yet.

How to see Emojis in Chrome for desktop

Sadly, Chrome for desktop is part of the list of platforms that don’t support Emojis yet… at least not officially. There is a very popular extension called Chromoji, which will bring unofficial support to your browser in seconds. Just install it and you are set to go! You can test it right away with the Wikipedia Emoji link above.

That’s a good solution. At least until official support comes!

[François Beaufort]