Chrome Beta for Android updated to version 28


Chrome’s stable release was just updated to version 27 across multiple platforms, but if you are using Android’s Beta release you may find yourself ahead of the curve already. Chrome Beta for Android has just been updated to version 28. The update comes with some awesome improvements, so let’s check them out.

Chrome Fullscreen Mode Improvements

Fullscreen mode was officially introduced in version 27 of Chrome for Android, but version 28 makes it even better. Now Android tablet users will be able to enjoy fullscreen browsing with Chrome Beta. Like the smartphone version, you can now simply scroll down to make the toolbar/omnibar disappear. In addition, Chrome 28 for Android comes with fullscreen API support.


Chrome Translate Comes to Mobile

Though most of what we see in the web is in english, other languages are often found online. Instead of scratching our heads and leaving the foreign site, we can now opt to have a page translated. When you come across a website with a language other than your device’s, a bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, asking you if you would like to have the website translated.

Chrome Data Usage Graphs and Error Messages

Chrome now features data usage graphs, which display how much data you have saved by using data compression. Of course, you must activate the experimental data compression feature before taking advantage of these graphs. Error messages are also mobile friendly now.

Wrap Up

You can go ahead and download Chrome Beta for Android from the Google Play Store if you are feeling adventurous and want to test Chrome 28. Just remember Chrome Beta is not as stable as the stable release. You may experience some issues and run across bugs from time to time. With that said, go enjoy your update!