Chrome for Android to get password sync soon!

We have been loving Chrome for Android. You can easily sync your browsers and even access open tabs across multiple devices, but one thing has been missing. We are still not able to sync saved passwords to the popular mobile browser, a fact most users wish they didn’t have to remember every time they dreadfully type in their passwords. What are we, slaves?

More upsetting is the fact iOS users have been enjoying the feature for some time. This tends to be the case for new features – many times Google releases them for the Apple OS before they hit its very own Android platform. Seems odd, but we suppose there must be a reason why they do things in this manner. Hopefully they can get rid of this issue and get all platforms aligned soon, as they promised.

Regardless, password syncing should be arriving to an Android device near you very soon (hopefully). New code has shown up in the Chromium project, attesting that Google is working on giving Chrome for Android users this gift in an upcoming update. We are not sure when said treasure-bearing update will go live, but we are hoping to have good news for you soon. Fans are screaming and the code is ready… so why wait, Google?

[Source: Chromium Via: Phandroid]