Chrome 4 bookmark sync: how to use it

Those of us gagging to start trying the new Chrome 4, well, now you can!
Mind you, it´s not finished by a long haul. The current 3.0 isn´t particularly developer friendly. All that´s about to change with Chrome 4, now ready as a developer preview. The first thing Chrome enthusiasts can start fiddling with is the Bookmark browser sync, which was released a few days ago.

Chrome version which comes with this new cloud-based bookmark syncing tool that syncs your bookmarks to your Google Account. Where´sthe fun in that? Well, you can use any computer anywhere in the world and always use the same set of bookmarks and use this tool to sync your bookmarks across all them, as your content is stored in the cloud (Internet).

Chrome 4 will be mostly cloud-based, which makes it very light to run on netbooks and has already caused alarm on security issues.

To try the new bookmark sync tool, you have to type in a command line launch, as in chrome –enable-sync (Windows XP users can invoke Run from the Start menu); from there, the Sync my bookmarks-command appears on Chrome 4’s Tools menu.