Chrome 10 Highlights: Flash, Auto-Updates, Plug-in Blocking, Security & Hiring!

Google recently announced a new stable version of Chrome as they often do on their Chromium Releases Blog. But this time, they felt it necessary to extend their announcement and offer a little insight. In a post on the Chromium Blog they explain some new features of the now public Chrome 10:

  • Flash sandboxing is now active and new versions of Flash will be automatically installed, increasing security protection
  • While Google can’t force users to auto-install new versions of plugins, they WILL notify you when your plugins are out of date and encourage you to update. Another security win.
  • Have a problem with a particular plugin? Trying to troubleshoot? Plug-in blocking will allow you to turn certain features of a plugin off and prevent them from running. Spammers and scammers just lost a step.
  • Google has given away $100,000+ for developers fixing bugs… and they continue to offer rewards for those who assist and offer patches. They’re also hiring!

For more details on updates found in Chrome 10, visit the Official Chromium Blog.