Sorry, ChatGPT Can’t Google That For You: The Bing Beta Bump

Is your ChatGPT “Browse with Bing” feature gone?

We’ve got the scoop, but to summarize: it’s on a break. In fact, it’s taking a sabbatical for some introspection, character-building, and soul-searching. A hiatus, if you will.

What you need to know

1. What happened to the Browse with Bing Beta in ChatGPT? OpenAI temporarily disabled the Browse with Bing Beta feature in ChatGPT on July 3, 2023. This was done out of an abundance of caution due to instances where it could inadvertently display protected content in a way that may not respect content ownership rights.

2. Why is the ChatGPT Bing Beta down? ChatGPT’s Bing Beta is down because there have been instances where it potentially infringed on content ownership rules. This mainly occurred when users requested a URL’s full text, and the AI, unintentionally, could fetch the full content, even if it was behind a paywall.

3. When will ChatGPT Bing Beta be back? As of now, OpenAI has not provided a specific timeline for when the Browse with Bing Beta feature will be back. They are actively working on solutions to bring it back as quickly and safely as possible, while respecting content ownership.

4. How does this relate to ChatGPT and content ownership issues? The temporary disabling of the Browse with Bing Beta feature in ChatGPT is directly related to concerns over content ownership. OpenAI is focused on ensuring the feature does not inadvertently infringe on the rights of content owners, especially those behind paywalls.

5. ChatGPT Plus Browse with Bing feature not working. Yes, the Browse with Bing Beta feature in ChatGPT Plus is temporarily disabled. OpenAI is working on improving the feature to respect content paywalls and ensure compliance with content ownership rules.

Remember, while Bing Beta is off doing its soul-searching, there’s a host of other cool features in ChatGPT to play around with! Stay tuned for more updates on Bing Beta’s return.

The Full Story

On July 3, 2023, OpenAI pulled the plug (temporarily, we promise!) on the much loved and widely utilized “ChatGPT Browse with Bing Beta” feature. And boy, what a ride it was! From a concept in the heads of brilliant AI boffins to an impressive feature in the hands of millions, Bing Beta had been lighting up the information superhighway for the ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

But, it seems, with great power (to search the internet) comes great responsibility (not to violate content ownership rules). Hence the pause button.

What Went Down?

In an announcement that’s equal parts ‘oopsie’ and ‘we’ve got this’, OpenAI stated that while Bing Beta was phenomenal at doing its job, it sometimes got a bit too excited. If a user asked for a URL’s full text, Bing Beta, like an overeager puppy, would sometimes fetch the whole thing. Now, that might sound handy to you or me, but it has a teensy-weensy potential to rub content owners the wrong way. Especially those folks with content paywalls.

So, out of respect for those who own the content and also to keep things above board, OpenAI decided to pause Bing Beta. They’ve cloaked it in an invisibility cloak, if you will, until they’ve addressed this hiccup.

So, What’s Next?

Well, OpenAI isn’t sitting on its laurels. They’re working tirelessly to sort out this snafu and bring Bing Beta back to us as quickly as possible. But how, you ask? Let’s speculate a bit.

First, OpenAI will likely need to fine-tune the feature to respect content paywalls. This could involve preventing ChatGPT from scraping full text behind a paywall, or even implementing a mechanism that recognizes paywalls and alerts users that the content isn’t freely accessible.

Moreover, OpenAI could also explore partnerships with content creators and outlets. This is a win-win, where content providers could gain exposure, users could gain better access to information, and OpenAI respects content ownership. The specifics of such a partnership would require some serious negotiations and an intricate dance between content rights and access.

OpenAI might also liaise with Bing to figure out how best to offer a browsing service that can comply with the necessary limitations. After all, ChatGPT is just trying to be helpful and doesn’t want to step on any toes in the process.

Final Word

In the meantime, while our Bing Beta feature is on its solo retreat, we’re invited to practice some patience. As any tech lover knows, it’s better to iron out these wrinkles early on than to let them become a full-blown tear in the fabric of the techiverse.

So, here’s to Bing Beta’s swift return, fully equipped to respect ownership rights and still surf the information superhighway like the cyber champ it is! In the meantime, let’s take this as an opportunity to delve into ChatGPT’s many other talents and features – there’s plenty to explore!