Charizard and Greninja announced for Super Smash Bros

This week’s Nintendo Direct revealed a slew of new information about the new Smash Bros games, including an announcement of two new characters to the series: Charizard and Greninja! Both come from the Pokemon series and are two of the most popular starters from their respective regions.


Charizard (who I have to admit, is my favorite Pokemon of all time) has actually been in the series before, as a member of the Pokemon Trainer’s team in Brawl, along with being able to be summoned from a Poke Ball in Melee and the original. It seems this time it’s struck out on his own though, ditching his trainer and team to fight solo. Most of it’s moves seem to come from it’s stint with Pokemon Trainer in Brawl, although it seems to have a few new ones  as well. Also it seems Charizard will be able to transform into Mega Charizard in this game, probably via it’s final Smash.


Greninja is a completely new addition to the series having only been introduced in Pokemon games in X and Y as the final evolution of starter Pokemon Froakie. As a Water/Dark type ninja Pokemon it seems to fight using speed, trickery and water blasts; utilizing it’s Water Shuriken and Substitute moves in battle to confound and defeat opponents. It’s Final Smash seems to be similar to Ike’s, drawing the immobilized opponent into the air before dealing several strikes and hitting with a powerful finishing blow.

So, what do you think of these new characters? Are they what you were hoping for? Which one do you think you’ll be playing with more? As for me, Charizard just became my new main!