Change Up Your New Tab Page with Speed Dial 2

The new tab page for Chrome is an essential part of interacting with the browser. Not only does it remember the sites you’ve most frequently visited and display those for you, but it also can display your web apps that you have installed from the Chrome Web Store. The problem with the setup that Google has chosen is that you can either see your frequently visited pages or your web apps, but not both on the same screen. If you need to see a web app, you’ll have to click to the right.

This isn’t really a design flaw per se, since it helps keep the page organized, but there is a much better way to organize the information for people like me who use both. Speed Dial 2 is a total customization extension that will allow you to tailor your new tab page the way you want, including design, layout, and colors. The above photo is just one example of what can be achieved using the extension.

If you’re a frequent user of both web apps and your frequently visited speed dial sites, then definitely check out Speed Dial 2. The options available are pretty easy to understand so you can set up a layout that you enjoy. You can download it from the Chrome Web Store here.