Celebrating Chrome’s 4th birthday with Chrome Time Machine

It is hard to believe Chrome was launched only 4 years ago. It is now the most popular browser in the world, and it seems many of us can no longer live without it. What used to be just a simple browser now lives in most computers and many mobile devices, all powered by the web.

In celebration of such an important day, Google has launched a little special something for Chrome enthusiasts – Chrome Time Machine. This tool allows you to “travel through key moments in Chrome’s history over the past four years.” One can see information about all major Chrome events and updates.

A little History wouldn’t be fun enough without a good incentive, though. Google likes their scavenger hunts, so they have hidden a clue somewhere in the timeline. Those that find it and type in the “secret code” will get a special something from the Chrome team. We have no idea what this could be, but you could get lucky and maybe get a Chromebook! So excuse me while I go try to find it.

[Source: Google Chrome Blog]