CaveStory+ on Switch will feature local multiplayer

With the announcement yesterday that CaveStory+ will be released on Nintendo Switch this June, plenty of you were upset that Nicalis seemed to be charging a premium price for the game compared to the numerous other platforms that it’s available on. CaveStory+ is available on Steam for $14.99, while the Switch version will cost $29.99 at retail.

Part of that is due to the physical release of the game for Nintendo Switch, but there’s also some new additions to the game that aren’t available on other platforms.

The video above is part of a Polygon series that highlighted some of the Nicalis games that are slated to come to Nintendo Switch at some point, including 1001 Spikes, Hydra, and CaveStory+. It also reveals some of the changes surrounding the Nintendo Switch version.

There’s plenty of visual upgrades that you can see including physical water that actually moves with you. Three different versions of the soundtrack are being included, with the original free version, the Wii version, and the CaveStory 3D soundtrack from the Nintendo 3DS version. You can switch back and forth freely between these.

Additionally, the Nintendo Switch version will have a few new bonus stages that have never been seen before. The Switch version will also feature local multi-player that’s planned to be patched into the game sometime around the summer quarter, which runs from June through September.

Nicalis also addresses your concerns about CaveStory+ coming to Nintendo Switch in the video. They’re fine if you don’t get it because you’ve played it on the Wii or the Nintendo 3DS, but they’re bringing it to Switch because they believe there’s a whole generation of gamers who haven’t yet played the game that might enjoy it on Nintendo Switch.

Do you think these are enough changes to warrant another purchase of CaveStory+? Or will you be sitting this one out?

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