Motorola now selling Chromecast via official site

Chromecast box

The Chromecast has single-handedly helped me clean my entertainment setup of multiple smart devices. It doesn’t have the power of a Google TV or other smart devices, but its simplicity and functionality make it the best $35 investment I have made in a while. The device can be purchased from multiple retailers, but it’s a bit odd to see that Motorola is now also selling the HDMI dongle.

Aside from Moto’s official site, the device is currently available from Amazon, Best Buy and the Google Play Store. It’s interesting to see a non-Motorola product in Motorola’s official site, but the company is now owned by Google. Anything that makes the Chromecast more visible to the public eye is good, right?

The price will stay at $35, but shipping prices should vary a bit. To be exact, Motorola is charging $4 for standard shipping while 2-day shipping will cost you $11. Not bad if you ask me. I recall paying $12 for 2-day shipping from the Google Play Store, so you could be saving yourself a buck!