What’s the max melee damage in Breath of the Wild? [VIDEO]

We’ve seen some interesting videos from people managing to fight Lynels taking no damage and with no equipment, but it’s always interesting to see people trying to figure out the maximum amount of damage you can do with weapons and buff effects in the game. One YouTuber decided to see exactly what level of damage he could achieve by stacking the best weapons with the best attack buffs.

First up, he farmed the Major Tests of Strength for several blood moon cycles until he was able to get an Ancient Battle Axe++ with the bonus of Attack Up +15. That’s the best damage buff you can get on a weapon of that size. Because of that, this axe is one of the best damaging weapons you can get in the game.

Second, you’ll need need to grind enough guardian parts in order to get the Ancient Gear. When using it with ancient weapons, it’s one of the best armors in the game. When you upgrade it to level 2 at the Great Fairy, you’ll activate the set bonus which provides a bonus to all ancient weapons and damage vs. guardians.

The axe by itself does 75 damage, but adding the armor gets that number up to 135 damage just from wearing the armor with a set bonus. Adding a level 3 attack buff to the mix ups the damage output to 202 damage per swing, but how can you get even more damage? Well, fighting guardians with the set bonus means your axe will do 262 damage per swing with this setup. You can double that by throwing the weapon at the guardian (destroys the weapon) to get 524 damage.

Finally in some special cases using bonuses like freezing enemies, you can triple that amount of damage. This YouTuber heads into one of the shrines in the desert to test his setup against a frozen guardian and does a massive 606 damage with the same setup and the frozen enemy bonus. That number stays the same, so it seems like there’s a cap on damage.

Sneak attacks do even more damage, with a 1,080 health silver moblin being demolished with this setup. Not bad!

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