Xenoblade Chronicles X isn’t the only game being censored for the West

Earlier this month when YouTubers got their hands on Xenoblade Chronicles X for the upcoming release, there was a bit of discussion across the internet about the boob-size slider being removed and certain characters having their outfits censored for the Western release. It’s pretty common that some things that are okay in Japan would be considered too racy for the West and now Bravely Second has that problem.


When the game debuted in Japan, it contained a class known as the Tomahawk, which dressed in traditional Native American garb. Now it looks like that class has been tweaked and retooled to be called the Cowboy, with a respective redressing featuring a cowboy hat and more, rather than Native American clothing.


This is the first time we’ve seen this level of censoring from a Japanese company. It’s likely that they’re trying to avoid the same issues that the Washington Redskins have faced, with what could be considered an insensitive portrayal of Native Americans. Do you think this issue is on the same level?