Reggie details Bravely Default’s sleep points and StreetPass features

During the Nintendo Direct today, we heard from Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS release of Bravely Default. Those in Europe are already enjoying the title, but those of us in North America will have to wait until February 7 to get our hands on it. There will be a demo available on January 2 for those of you who are interested in trying out the game.

During the Nintendo Direct, Reggie took the time to explain the sleep points feature, which is a powerful system that lets you accumulate points to perform actions in game, like swapping out equipment or reviving a fallen party member. Sleep points are gained at a rate of 1 every 8 non-consecutive hours that your Nintendo 3DS is asleep with the game running, so it behooves the player to leave the game running in sleep mode.

Reggie also took time to detail some of the StreetPass features of the game, including the ability to have StreetPass characters assist you in battle.

What do you think of the game? Will you be getting it when it’s released?