Bonus Round panel discusses Wii U and the next generation of consoles

In the latest Bonus Round on GTTV, Geoff Keighley hosts a discussion about the next generation of consoles, talking about what new game machines should offer and do. Admittedly, I thought I was going to hear a lot of Wii U bashing in lieu of all the negative press Nintendo seems to be getting lately; plus I know Keighley can be on the critical side when talking about Nintendo.
Surprisingly, however, there was no Wii U trolling.

In fact, the over arching sentiment towards Wii U and the upcoming game machines from Microsoft and Sony was: it’s all about content and unique experiences and not necessarily all about graphical prowess going forward. Nothing new to us gamers, right? I think there’s a wise saying that rings true every generation–what is it again?–Oh yea, “Content is King!” Glad to see more people in the industry catching on to this fact. Here is some of what was said in the discussion in case you don’t feel like sitting through the 17 minute video below.

Jeff Canatta –Weekend Confirmed:

“For Nintendo, this year has got to be about software…I think we need a big Mario title that shows off that pad in a unique, interesting way that’s more than just menu systems…I hope Nintendo also embrace new IP.

Marcus Beer –Annoyed Gamer:

“Wii U is a fun console with a lot of potential…Not seeing a bunch of stuff taking advantage of the gamepad however…Microsoft and Sony committed gaming atrocities last year, with the exception of Halo 4… Sony’s first party title lineup last year was diabolical and Microsoft wasn’t far behind…Screw Kinect, screw the fact I can get Netflix, I want some stellar experiences…Nintendo has 6 months to bring it…Gamers want more than just a Call of Duty clone or just Madden every year.”

Seamus Blackley –Innovative Leisure:

“Are these game consoles special enough anymore to merit a special place in the living room?…All consoles need a Mario 64 because that title made you want to rush out and buy a N64…I really worry that these companies  are going to think offering every service (Netflix, etc…) at the same time is what makes a console experience special.”


I know some share the view that the Wii U shouldn’t be categorized, discussed, or even debated about when it comes to next gen consoles, but I disagree. Personally, I think the Wii U is a next gen system because it offers me experiences and content I didn’t have last gen and therefore deserves to be in the discussion ring with the “big boys” so to speak, but that’s just my opinion.

What are your thoughts? As a Wii U owner, or someone planning on getting one, or any next gen system, what do you think a console must have or be able to do to earn a place in your living room? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions below in the comments and please be respectful of the opinions and views of others.