Check out this indie game that looks like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Did you like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on Wii U and you want to see more puzzle games of that type? Then cue Professor Farnsworth, because I’ve got good news! Bokube is a new gaming project on Kickstarter that’s been setup by Conception Games. It’s an indie studio with a single person working on a game that looks very familiar if you’ve played the aforementioned game.

The Kickstarter goal for the game is only $5,000 right now and the developer says the game is around 50% complete after working on it for the past year. Unlike some new projects, he actually has a lot of work to show what he’s been doing so far. The game is currently only for PC, Mac and Linux, but the developer says he’d like to put the game on Switch if funding reaches $10k.

If the funding reaches $10,000 I will be purchasing a Nintendo Switch Dev kit to get Bokube on the Switch!

I’m always careful to remind our readers that Kickstarter campaigns are not an investment but a gamble. There’s no guarantee the game will be released on Switch, even if that’s what the developer says he intends to happen in the pitch. We’ve been burned by some high profile developers before, so keep that in mind.

Either way, I thought Treasure Tracker was an interesting addition to the Nintendo family of games and I’d love to see more games in this vein on the system. This looks like it could satisfy that itch pretty readily.

Nintendo eShop Card – $20