Blizzard reveals why they are bringing a 6-year old game to Switch

Blizzard is bringing the 6-year old Diablo 3 RPG to the Nintendo Switch, and if you’ve been wondering what made them pick that particular game to bring to Nintendo’s console, wonder no more.

Essentially, the guys over at Blizzard were all fond of their Switch consoles and thought it would be sweet to have Diablo 3 on it. So they went to work.

Here’s how Diablo 3 producer Pete Stilwell described it to GameSpot:

“We were essentially sitting around and talking about projects that would be amazing and additive to what the company has, and maybe even trailblaze some new things. The Switch was a thing we were all playing, and something we were all interested in.

We thought of it as something sweet to bring [Diablo III] onto, and then we started experimenting with the Switch and then got to talking with Nintendo where we believed that it would be feasible and fun to play on. We wanted to guarantee that it would be smooth and responsive, to ensure that it was everything that you wanted it to be for an [action RPG].”

Back in 2012, we reported that Blizzard was reportedly working on bringing Diablo 3 to the Wii U, but that didn’t pan out. We had to wait another six years before seeing the RPG on a Nintendo console.

Diablo III Eternal Collection releases on Switch later this year.