Black Wii U could be revealed at E3

Black Wii U
A black Wii U model could be unveiled at E3, if the latest Nintendo video is of any indication. During the Nintendo Direct pre-E3 video yesterday, which included the new Miiverse trailer, a black Wii U was showcased and used by one of the on-screen characters. Upon further inspection, it wasn’t just the controller that was black, it was the console itself, as the attached screenshots show. Could this be one of the several Wii U models that’s available at launch? Both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 launched with two models, and Nintendo could very well do the same with a white and black Wii U console. The latest pre-E3 rumors indicated that the Wii U had room for a regular 2.5 inch hard drive, just like the current-gen consoles.

This would seem like an excellent tactic for Nintendo: offer a cheaper Wii U with only the on-board flash storage (8 GB), and offer a pricier model with a built-in hard drive and perhaps an included Wii U accessory or two, like the Wii U Pro controller. What do you think? Would you prefer to have several Wii U models available at launch?

We have some screenshots of the black Wii U after the break.