BitTorrent Surf Beta turns your browser into a torrent client [VIDEO]


BitTorrent has been one of the very favorite torrent clients of all time. People use it all over the world to share and distribute content. Today, the service has become just a bit better for Chrome (and FireFox) users. The company has released BitTorrent Surf Beta extension.

Yes, this means exactly what you believe it does. The BitTorrent Surf extension allows you to download and share torrent files straight from your Chrome browser. One can easily download, upload and even search for content. It negates the need to use a completely separate program/app, and allows you to browse and use your torrent client without interruptions.

Before we go any further, we would like to clarify something. We know BitTorrent is mostly known in the pirating community. We won’t say it’s not used for that, because it probably is in the most part. This is not what the main purpose of the service is, though.

There are countless amounts of open-licensed torrents out there… free and legal. Content creators many times want to get exposure and decide to share their content for free. They even pay certain sites (like to host their torrents. By no means do we condone pirating, so don’t believe we are supporting a bad cause here.

With that out of the way, go ahead and check out BitTorrent Surf Beta yourself! Share responsibly, guys.

Chrome Web Store: DOWNLOAD BitTorrent Surf Beta