If you plant these Birthday Cards they grow into flowers

There’s nothing quite like the charm of receiving a hand-written note, especially on a special occasion like your birthday, but traditional greeting cards have lost their luster. They’re expensive, dominated by corporations like Hallmark, and typically end up in the trash can (or the recycling bin if you’re lucky). Isn’t it about time that greeting cards themselves enjoy the gift of a makeover?

A new company called PlanetGoRound is doing just that: rethinking the purpose of greeting cards for the next generation of gift-givers. You can write a special message to your recipient just like usual, but afterwards, they can soak their card in water, plant it in soil, and it will grow into a beautiful flowering plant!

Seems too good to be true? You can see these cards in action on TikTok:

The small business behind this big idea is based in Australia, so shipping abroad might be a bit more pricey. Make special note that buying a pack of cards or in bulk will save you money (and save the planet)!

The 21-year old founder of the company has vowed to post everyday on TikTok until they’ve reached 1,000 sales. Help support their creativity and passion for environment-friendly business by following them on TikTok and/or buying and gifting their next-gen greeting cards at PlanetGoRoundShop.com.uk.